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The Boy Scout Movement is the largest youth movement in the world. It started in England in 1907 and experienced rapid expansion. It is currently estimated to have more than 40 million children and adolescents worldwide. The number of old scouts is approximately 58 million scouts today.


In today's digital age, where communication is extremely important and there is a need to socialize children and adolescents, the ever-growing scout movement has found its place again.


We want to offer an opportunity through our scouting association


to get to another level with children and

Young people to work. Through his program, which we offer as scouts, through the pedagogical education, the methods of education, entertainment, sport, various new skills, and knowledge, of every child and every young person.


Our wish is to contribute to the development of young people so that they can use their full physical, intellectual, social and intellectual capacities as personalities, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities.


Stefan Muffler

It has always been my desire to work actively with children and adolescents to develop their intellectual, social and physical knowledge and skills as responsible citizens of our entire society. As one of the many scout clubs in Germany, we can make them available through the scout movement and our program.


Sinisa Blazekovic

As a long-time scout leader, working with children and adolescents, as part of the scout program, I was convinced of the positive effects of the scouting method that we conduct as a leader on young generations. We learn independence, strength of character, a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and reliability. And of course the willingness to work together and lead.


Kristian Blazekovic

As a child I became a scout. The skills and knowledge that I have acquired as a scout have helped me many times in my life, and my moral and ethical views today are the result of a longstanding membership in the scouts. It is also a way of life to be a Boy Scout, and one of my biggest motivations is to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to younger generations.

Erika Muffler

To motivate children to spend more time in nature, to live healthier lives and to be less dependent on the digital technology that surrounds us, as a scout leader, I was certainly motivated to contribute to the education of children and young people within the scout movement.

Susanna Will Puga 

What motivated me to join me as a leader is above all the impact that the Scout Movement has on young people, which makes them useful members of the community, teaches them to live in harmony with nature and make them healthier and happier close. In addition, through a series of activities in our local community, the Boy Scouts show that we would be useful members of the community and together we can build a better and healthier world.

Yvonne Gibbat

The Boy Scout Movement is a voluntary, apolitical educational movement for children and adolescents that is open to everyone regardless of origin, race or religious affiliation. As such, it is the largest youth organization in the world that has been moving young people for generations to actively work to build a better future for themselves. I am glad that the scout movement in our city gives young people the opportunity to use their free time actively, healthily and socially.

Dear scouts, dear parents,


In recent days, the situation has worsened in large parts of Europe and also in Germany.
The rapid spread of the new type of corona virus poses major challenges for our society.
In order to protect the groups of people who are particularly at risk of infection, the goal over the next few days and weeks is to slow the spread of the virus. This only succeeds if everyone contributes a part, even if the individual risk of illness is low and even if this means restrictions in daily life and leisure behavior for a certain time.


For us this means specifically:

- All group meetings are canceled until the end of the Easter holidays.

- We will decide at a later date about meetings after the Easter holidays and the Pentecost or summer camp,
but hope that the situation has eased somewhat.


Kind regards and good path

Your tribal leadership
Stefan and Sinisa


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